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Marshals & Myrmidons (M&M) is an update to the way tabletop Role-Playing Games are played. Using years of experience in the video game industry we merged the openness of a tabletop game with the enhancements of a video game.

Marshals & Myrmidons replaces large books with a manual written in HTML and fully linked and searchable like a wiki, but without requiring access to an online server. Then we replaced lookup tables with our innovative Adventure Wheel system that allows for extremely quick character and scenario creation, which will maximize your playing time. Plus the wheels are fully integrated with the manual allowing quick lookup of any character, item, or relevant information.

During play, the wheels allow for ultra-quick combat and saving rolls, taking into account all of the modifiers and options with a flick of the finger or a click of the mouse. Keeping the focus on fun instead of detail management. Most importantly, it generates hilarious encounters and unpredictable adventures.

Character creation, both for players and NPCs is enhanced by the game's systems. Players generate a character with one spin of a wheel, and then the details of that character can be loaded into a PDF or into an app that runs on Android, Windows, or Linux. The average time to create a new character is about 1 minute. NPC's can be generated quickly as well with the integrated generator. The generator comes pre-loaded with all the details of the game's character and locations and will generate a unique character based on as many or few details that are provided.


In the universe of Marshals & Myrmidons, our initial setting is the planet Harnacaff a post-technological society, as a result of a massive world war which occurred a few thousand years ago. The outcome of the war threw the planet back into a medieval technology level. It has been long enough now that only a few remember what happened and still have access to technology from that era.

The primary location of this demo is the city of Astrakhan, the great and grand capital of the Country of Astrakhan which stretches from sea to sea upon a great peninsula. Its fame is known far and wide across the planet Harnacaff.

However, Marshals & Myrmidons is not all about the medieval level of technology, we have a vast galaxy of other planets we will eventually release in the Interplanetary Adventures. There are currently about 70 planets that have been established in our Galaxy. After we finish the details about Harnacaff, we will be putting together details on the rest of the galaxy, and new wheels to aid in exploring the galaxy.

Adventure Wheel system

The Marshals & Myrmidons Adventure Wheel system was designed to provide a large number of random encounters, missions, and events to keep things interesting and moving along quickly. It only takes a few seconds to create a random encounter using the wheels.

An outrageous example from Perils on the Plains Adventure Wheel:

  • "Around a leaping campfire is
  • a happily whistling and frolicking
  • nest of poisonous pit vipers."

And sometimes they are desperate like this example from Under the Trees Adventure Wheel:

  • "You find lost pilgrims dying of thirst at
  • an abandoned guard house with rabid bats
  • as wolf packs howl and yip at each other. "

A final example of an unexpected encounter from the upcoming Metropolitan Menagerie adventure wheel:

  • "You feel a blade at your throat from
  • a filthy, snotty-nosed
  • innkeeper and his guest.'

What are you going to do? Whistle with the vipers around a camp fire or save the pilgrims or pay off the snotty-nosed innkeeper?

Easy to play

We have designed the game to be fun for everyone, no matter how much or little experience they have with tabletop RPGs. Where players are encouraged to work together to get out of sticky situations, and sometimes to create sticky situations. And where the challenges, scenarios, and solutions are as varied as the players themselves.

Adventures in Astrakhan, is our demo, and it includes 2 character wheels (male and female), 1 adventure wheels (these are the scenarios that the players encounter as they travel across the land) and 3 combat and saving wheels. In addition they will also receive the digital HTML manual with all the rules and information on the inhabitants and places in the city of Astrakhan on the planet Harnacaff. This includes a rich back-story that can be use to enhance your game sessions. It also includes the NPC Generator for creating unique characters quickly. Finally you will receive an interactive map that can be zoomed in and out, also you can place markers to keep track of your party, and all major points of interest on the map include links back to the manual to quickly reference anything, however the demo is limited to Astrakhan only.

Steam Greenlight

Why would a game like this even belong on Steam? To answer that, it is quite simple, Steam Workshop support. We currently have the ability to allow custom wheels and maps to be added into the game dynamically. Allowing users to add this content to their game through Steam Workshop, would open up a kinds of new possibilities for our users. Of course the other benefit of being on Steam would be the game streaming and social networking features that would allow remote players to connect with other groups and still see what is going on.

Come vote for us on Steam Greenlight, so that we can be the first table-top RPG on Steam!


Dec 19, 2016 - Massive update to version 1.12.0. Added multiple new feature, UI overhaul, Group Generators, new filters for NPC Generator, Multiplayer with Character Exposition app, Major speed improvements, Solar System Simulator, map scales now support miles and kilometers, sub-map full screen display, in-game manual previews, add wrap-around maps, added generic marker type, added marker searching, and numerous bug fixes.

Sept 14, 2015 - Major update to version which include a rewrite of most of the game systems for speed and portability. Added NPC Generator. Reworked maps to allow better zooming. Numerous bug fixes and enhancements. Added Linux support.

April 1, 2015 - Updated Windows version to with Game Manual changes and fixes.


Q: How many copies do I need to play?
A: Only one person in the group needs to buy it.

Q: Will Mac or iPhone/iPad be supported?
A: We plan to support those eventually. Currently we do not have the funds buy the hardware and to setup the development environment to test and build for those platforms.

Q: Do I have to take my PC/Tablet with me to the game sessions?
A: Yes, what we have created is a kind of hybrid system where most of the interactions take place in the real world, but the game provides direction and resolution to events. This is why we put a demo up because we have struggled to explain it adequately.
We envision this being usable from a laptop or tablet and shared by the group, but run by the game master. Personally, we like to hook up a laptop to a projector for our whole group to see what is happening.

Q: Is this a new way of choose your own adventure books that can be played solo on your PC?
A: Its not so much a choose your own adventure, as it is a random event generator. We have different wheels for different types of areas, and they will create random encounters or events for the area. Currently we have wheels for cities, plains, forests, in a boat, and are working on more for mountains, caves, etc. Sometimes it is just fun to spin the wheels and see what you get.


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